Down's Syndrome

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Down's Syndrome

Down's Syndrome

Physical -Low muscle tone.-Small stature.-Upward slant of eyes.-Single deep crease across the center of the palm.*Each person is different, some may posess these and some may not.

Medical Increased risks for: Congenital heart defects Respiratory problemsHearing problems Alzheimers Childhood Lukemia Thyroid conditons

Cognitive All experience cognitive delays, but the effect is usually mild to moderate and is not indicitive of the many strengths and talents that each posess.

1. Have high expectations for the students.2. Be enthusiastic and encouraging using positive and consistant reinforcement. 3. Small group or one-to-one instruction will be more benefical. 4. Use manipulatives along with verbal explanations. 5. Be guided by the students individual needs, not the label. 6. Allow student adequete response time. 7. Break down tasks into smaller sequence steps. 8. Be flexible with attaining educational goals. 9. Present only a few stimuli or objects at a time. 10. Ask the student to repeat or rephrase the instruction.

Teaching Tips

Support for Families

-Talk with the family about early intervention and its benefits on the childs education. - Always communicate with the family and let them know you are there to help. - Form support groups at school where parents can come and learn more about their child.


By: Mackenzie Witt & Lexi Hackney


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