Down Syndrome

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Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome

By:Jamea Jenkins

You get 23 chromosomes from each parent making it 46 total. For a child to have down syndrome there is an accident that occurs during the process of production between a sperm or egg cell that causes that cell to contain that exra chromosome leaving it with a total of 24 chromosomes. It's called nondisjunction. When this happens, the baby will have 47 chromosomes total and that extra is carrying that disorder of down syndrome.

How does it occur?

Most common cause of retardation and malformatin in a newborn.


It usually shows up at birth. Like a few moments after giving birth, doctors can detect that the baby has down syndrome.

When does this occur?

People believe that down syndrome has always existed.

When was it recognized?

Overly quietLess responsiveWith weak floppy muscles


Physical signs:

Flat appearing faceSmall headFlat bridg of the noseSmaller than normalSmaller mouth, which causes the tounge to stick out and apear overly largeUpward slanting eyesRouned cheeksSmall, wide handsSmall, misshappen earsE.T.C.....

How to confirm:

It's usually suspected at birth when the characteristic physical signs of down syndrome are noted. Genetic testing can be undertaken in order to verify that child has down syndrome. A blood sample or a chromosome analysis can be done for testing for a down syndrome patient.


It's a long term disorder. There's not treatment for down syndrome. Although, patients with down syndrome usually have heart defects & may need surgical repair.

Emotional Development:

Emotionally it takes a toll on their families and them. Their families have to work hard to help them learn certain aspects in life. A child with down syndrome do thingsmuch later thn their normal peers. They struggle with speech, sitting up, crawling and walking. They have to be trained to do regular self-care tasks, function in a social manner and even hold simple jobs because of their disorder.


It's quite variable depending on the severity of the disorder. Heart defects may decrease the living rate of a person with down syndrome. Without the presence of heart defects about 90% of children with down syndrome live into their teens. The average age of death for someone with down syndrome is about 50-55 years.

Where can you get help?

With down syndrome there are a lot of teachers in schools who really help down syndrome individuals develop. Thir may possibly be like physical therapist to help with speech and like everyday aspects in life.

Who else suffers?

Anglea Bachiller (first council woman to be elected) The guy from the secret life of the american teenager) And Lauren Potter from glee.


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