Down Syndrome

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Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome

Karyotype Normally, humans have 23 pairs of chromosome. Each pair getting one chromosome from each parent. However, in down syndrome, chromosome pair #21 does not come in a pair. There is an additional chromosome. This is often know as trisomy 21. Instead of have a total of 46 chromosomes, people with down syndrome have an extra chromosome, with a total of 47.

What happens to someone with Down Syndrome? -The facial features are different (upward slant on eyes, small ears, flat facial features)-Many newborns who have down syndrome often have heart problems. Some can be fixed with medications, but major ones require surgery. - Cross eyed (visual problems) -Hearing problems -Greater chances of developing leukimia. -At the age of 35 or older, some will show signs of Alzhimer's -Hyperflexibility-Gap between first and second toe

Despite these challenges they were born with, they're still able to smile and laugh.

CAUSESDown syndrome is caused by a nondisjunction in cell division that results in the presence of an extra copy of chromosome 21. There are three chromosomal changes that is known to cause Down Syndrome:•Complete Trisomy 21- this is when either the egg or sperm cell that unite have an extra chromosome•Mosaic Trisomy 21- this is when the error occurs after a normal egg and sperm cell unite where some of the body's cells are normal and some have an extra chromosome•Translocation Trisomy 21- this is when only a part of the extra chromosome is in the body's cells. A part of the extra chromosome attaches to another chromosome and. Is transmitted to others during cell division

Symptoms-heart problems •dementia•eye problems (cataracts)•vomiting •hearing problems•hip problems (risk of dislocation)•long term constipation problems•sleep apnea (difficulty breathing whilst asleep)•abnormal teeth growth •under active thyroid

How will you know if your child has down syndrome?When a woman is pregnant, she can opt for two types of tests: the prenatal screening test and prenatal diagnostic test.

TreatmentsThere are no specific treatments for down syndrome. However, symptoms such as gastrointestinal blockage and heart defects may be treated through medicine or surgery.

How can this be altered?Down syndrome can be altered through special education and training, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and mental health care to help improve their lifestyle.

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