Down Syndrome

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Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome

One out of every 691 babies in the USA are born with down syndrome so there are about 6,000 babies with down syndrome in the USA. About 400,000 people have down syndrome.

Down Syndrome is a chromosomal disorder.

Down syndrome happens when a person has an extra copy of chromosome. There are three types of down syndrome, they consist of: trisomy 21,translocation, and mosaicism. Most people with down syndrome have trisomy 21 and only about two percent have mosaicism.

Description of Disorder

Down Syndrome causes development and academic delays.

Chromosomal or Genetic?

Frequency & Population at Risk

There are two types of tests: diagnostic tests use a sample of the baby's DNA and they can tell about 100% whether the baby has down syndrome or not. Screening tests can only estimate the probability of the baby having down syndrome.

Tests to Identify Down Syndrome

Symptoms of Down Syndrome

Treatment for down syndrome is based on the person's needs, strengths, and limits. For example there is therapy, drugs and supplements, and assistive devices.

Treatment of Down Syndrome


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