Down in the Dumps

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Down in the Dumps

Down in the Dumps

By: Mallory Chatham

Down Syndrome:A genetic disorder, associated with having an extra copy of chromosome 21, characterized by mild to servere mental impairment

School and Family Life:Kids with Down syndrome do have the abilities to achieve and paricipate, it just takes them longer. They often learn better from joining in with kids their own age. Children with Down syndrome should be provided with additional access to the regular school curriculum. The most important home influence is daily interactions and activity within the family. Children with D.S. need to be treated as a person first, rather than someone with a disability. Family members have an inportant part in showing the child what they are capable of doing.

Nutrition and Fitness:A child with Down syndorme reaches the same milestones as a normal child, but at a delayed degree. Organic vegetables have important nutrients to help the body stay healthy and strong. The parents of a child with D.S. should purchase foods that don't foster congestion.Physical activity has an important impact on health, longevity, and productivity. Some activites practiced should include things with; body awareness and space awareness.Young children with D.S. need to understand the "feeling" of movement for them to be able to repeat it.

Emotions and Behavior:Kids with Down syndrome should attend schools with other kids thier own age. They succeed more where inclusion is supported as a part of thier school culture. Most people with Down syndrome experience a major health concern like anxiety, innatentative behavior, ect.. Social understanding, empathy, and social interactive skills are strengths for children and adults with Down syndrome. A person with D.S. is normally labeled as stubborn by their emotions and behavior. For a person with Down syndrome, the inability to do something causes them much frustration.

In the book "Out of my Mind" the main character is a girl named Melody. She was born with a disease called Celebral Palsy, so she's in a special class at school. Her friend Maria was born with Down syndrome, and that's where I got my connection.


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