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Douglas Mawson

About Douglas MawsonDouglas Mawson was born on the 5th of May, 1882, in Shipley, West Yorkshire, England. Douglas and his family moved to Rooty Hill, near Sydney, Australia in 1884, when Douglas was 2. Douglas' family then set up a farm and fruit canning factory. Then after 9 years Douglas' parents got tired of their buisness failing so they moved to Glebe, Sydney, where Douglas finished school at Fort Street Model School. Douglas achieved many things in his life, but is most famous for the expedition to the South Pole (Antarctica) from 1911 to 1914. In March, 1914 Douglas got married to Paquita Delprat in Balaclava, Victoria. One month later in June Douglas was knighted for his work in Antarctica. Then from 1916 - 1919 Douglas joined the British Army and served in World War 1. Two years later the Order of the British Empire was awarded to Douglas.Douglas Mawson died on the 14th of October 1958, aged 76.

Douglas Mawson

Famous Australian migrant and Antarctic Explorer

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Sir Douglas Mawson

Antarctica (South Pole)


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