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Douglas Engelbart

Douglas Engelbart, working at the Stanford Research Institute (now SRI International) invented the first computer mouse prototype in 1963, with the assistance of his lead engineer Bill English. They named it the mouse beacuse it had a cord attached to the rear part of the device looking like a tail and generally resembling the common mouse. Engelbart never received any medalsfor it, because his employer SRI held the patent, which ran out before it became widely used in personal computers. The invention of the mouse was just a small part of Engelbart's much larger project, aimed at augmenting human intellect via the Augmentation Research. Because of Engelbart, the mouse helps us efficently use computer today even without a cord!

BASIC INFO:Born: January30,1925 in Portland, OregonDied: July 2, 2013School: Oregon State CollegeCollege Degree: Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in 1948

Douglas Engelbart

First mouse!

Engelbart was known for creating the computer mouse!

Watch this!!

So much different from today!! Look at the difference! Weird right?

Modern day wireless mouse!


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