[2015] Marina Jeanquart: Double Trouble

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[2015] Marina Jeanquart: Double Trouble


Sometimes it can be hard to tell multiples apart, but it’s better when people try to get to know them rather than telling them apart by a physical characteristics. Twins have personality differences; one may like to be like the other, while the other may want to look different.

Double TroubleBy: Marina Jeanquart

Having a twin can affect someone’s life in many different ways.Derek, a twin, said, “I think the fact that I am a twin, growing up made it difficult for the two of us to find best friends or very close friends that didn’t include each other.” Often, twins who are close to each other have the same group of friends and say their deepest relationship is with their twin.

Effects of Being a Twin


Many people don’t realize:-being a twin can cause stereotypesAccording to society-twins are supposed to look the same-dress alike/matching-share the same likes and dislikessame DNA:-genetic origins make them slightly differentmany twins:-compared to each other:-one being the “good” twin and one being the “bad” twin -“quiet’ or “easygoing,”-“smarter” or “prettier.” Though they may look similar:-being identical doesn’t mean being the same person.

-people hear the word “twins,”and naturally assume that they share an inseparable bond:-able to finish one another's sentences -know one another's intentions before they are even acted out.-no doubt that twins do share something special:-created together-formed together,-birthed together-growing up side by side-encountering the same experiences around the same time: something that only twins and other multiples can ever really understand.


Competition- part of normal family life-twins-no exception.-many admit to being very competitive towards each other.

stories of twins communicating without speaking or being together--questions about whether twin telepathy is a real thing-hasn’t been proven-many cases of moments when twins have:-felt physical pain when the other was injured-said the same thing at the same time, or acted the same in different situations. One twin said, ”It’s not telepathy or some sort of psychic connection- we’ve just been raised together, had similar experiences, and share many of the same likes and dislikes. Our brains just work in a similar way.” -many instances when the unexplained happened-coincidence or having been raised the same.



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Twins often get asked questions like “identical or fraternal?” or “Who’s older? Who’s smarter? Who’s prettier?” These questions can be annoying, frustrating, and can create rivalry between the siblings. Even asking questions like “What’s it like to be a twin?” can bother multiples because it’s like asking, “What’s it like to not be a twin?”



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