Double-Dacker Math Problems

by Behm
Last updated 6 years ago

Number Operations

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Double-Dacker Math Problems

How to do double-decker math problems.

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First, you write the problem up and down, like this:48 x 12------- Then, solve 2x8=16. Put the 6 below the = sign, which is a line below the 12. Then solve 2x4=8. Add the number you put at the top, which is a 1. Now put the 9 to the left of the 6. cross out your 2 and put a 0 under the 6. Now do 1x8=8. Put the 8 to the left of the 0. After that, you do 1x4=4. Put the 4 before the 8. Now do 16+480=496. You just did a double-decker multiplication problem.



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