Dorothy Hodgkin's: The Chemist Who Discovered Molecular Structures in X-Ray Crystallography

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Dorothy Hodgkin's: The Chemist Who Discovered Molecular Structures in X-Ray Crystallography

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (1910-1994)




Where Her Discoveries Have Taken Her?

-Developed the crystalized structure of penicillin and insulin-Won Nobel Prize of 1964 for her dedication to crystallography- Led to the creation of her -Strengthened her concepts and experiences in order to better understand crystallography by going to both Somerville College for Women and then to Cambridge University. -Pursued other goals: Taught at Somerville College, -Overcame obstacles during her research and experiements: sufferred from rheumatoid arthritis in both hands

Why she was involved in Chemistry?

She lived during the most tragic times of both World Wars where she gained a yearning for the "cause of world peace" (1046). She was constantly at work observing, inferring, and forming her own predictions involving molecular structures. She had formed ideas about the molecules she wanted to prove as she stated after winning a Nobel Prize: I want to know "how the peptide chains fit together within a molecule and how the molecules fit within the crystals, may make it possible for us to understand and control its behavior" (Hodgkins,1964, p. 88). Dorothy could be seen as a go-getter, always challenging herself.

Can you imagine what it would be like to bring molecules to life, seeing them in a 3-D form? To understand that someone developed the medicine that would help those suffering from anemia and diabetes?

Dorothy was an enthusiastic scientist who completely involved herself in the chemistry field as a young female chemist, more specifically studying X-Ray Crystallography (where one is able to study and "obtain information about its molecular weight and structure...[she introduced the idea of three dimensional shapes where] crystalography could establish not only the structural layout of atoms in a molecule...but also the overall molecular shape" (Narins, 2000, p. 1045).

Who IS She?

A Brief Bio on Dorothy, Her Influences, and Accomplishments

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