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Dorothy Day

- Born to John Day and Grace Satterlee, sister Della, and brothers Sam, Donald, and John. - Graduated from Waller High School.- Went to University of Illinois.- Wrote for: The Call, The Masses, The Liberator, The Chicago Post, The New Orleans Item, New Masses, The Staten Island Advance, Commonweal, The Catholic Worker, The Voice. - Tagged by the Special Defense Unit of th Justice Department for being outspoken during WWII.- Has met: Mother Teresa, Cesar Chavez, Pope John, Leon Trotsky, Berkeley Tobey, Lionel Moise, Peter Maurin, Ade Bethune, Ammon Hennacy, Eileen Egan.- Cardinal Cooke blessed her coffin.- Burried at Ressurection Cemetery on Staten Island

Nov 8, 1897 - Dorothy is born1917 - First arrest/hunger strike1920/21 - Marriage to Berkeley Tobey1925 - Meets Forster BatterhamMar 4, 1926 - Tamar is bornMay 1, 1933 - The Catholic Worker's first issueApr 19, 1944 - Tamar's marriage to David1952 - The Long Lonliness is published1957 - Arrested1970 - Blessed by Mother Teresa1973 - ArrestedNov 29, 1980 - Dorothy Died

- Founded The Catholic Worker and The Voice. - Had 1 child, 9 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren.- Helped start hospitality houses around New York. - Traveled the world to learn about poverty in other countries. - Blessed by Mother Teresa.

Lasting Impact

She founded the Catholic Worker newspaper that is the newspaper for the common catholic worker.

Books:- Forest, Jim. All is Grace: A Biography of Dorothy Day. Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 2012. Book.- Day, Dorothy. The Long Loneliness. Harper Collins, 1996. Book. Website:- Hinson-Hasty, Dr. Elizabeth. The Catholic Worker. Website. February 12, 2015.


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