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Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange

As a young girl, Lange's parents inspired and pushed her to be an educated individual. She personally took an interest in art and literature. Lange choose photography as a career and became an apprentice for sever different artists, like Arnold Genthe. She ran a successful portrait studio in 1918. Lange's main subject was the people of the Great Depression; she captured her images in her trip of America.



At the height of her career, Lange usually documented the people that lived in poverty like farmers, workers, and migrants. She was driven by the enormous emotional impact the Great Depression had on the American people. She captured the humble struggle of those who were living in poor conitions.


This is Lange's most famous work, Migrant Mother. This shows what people during the Great Depression experienced. The woman in this picture isa widow named Florence Thomson, she is the mother of 7 children. They would sustain themselfs by eating birds and vegetables they would find in a nearby field. This picture displays a humble feeling of sympathy and worry for the mother and her children.

This is another of Lange's most famous photographs, Japanese Boy Awaiting Evacuation. Lange also photographed Japanese internment during WWII; she was disgusted by the treatment of American Japanese people. Here, she displays a young boy with his bags awaiting evacuation. This humble boy searches for his transportation to his left, patiently awaiting what is to become of him.


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