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Dorothea Dix

Dorothea Dix1802-1887

Revolutionary Women-1840-1890: Time of seperate spheres for men and women-Women were gaining more access to education-The fight for equality was on-NAWSA was founded-Women joined many different social movementsWomen during War-Women as camp followers and as nurses-took control of family businesses, farms and work places -spheres were blended for survival-records show some women secretly joined troops and fought

Video History of Dorothea Dix and the asylum movement

"I Tell What I Have Seen"~Dix

Moments to Remember-Began teaching at the age of 14-1819 began a school for girls-1824 first book was published: Conversations on Common Things-1841 taught sunday school in a women's prison and discovered the inhumane treatment of the mentally ill-began lobbying for the mentally ill and help create 32 institutions-1861 became first female superintendent of nurses during civil war-1870 cantracted malaria


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