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Doreen Cronin

Diary of a WormCronin teams up with a different illustrator for her new Worm Diary. A worm’s life may not be so different from ours…except that his friends are spiders, he eats his own homework, and he tells his sister that her head looks like her rear. Turns out, a worm’s life isn’t so easy, after all.


Author: Doreen Cronin

Author Study

Name: ..Tracy Schneider... July 2014 SCHL 5200

WiggleTeaming up with yet another great illustrator, Cronin introduces a rollicking pup with exuberance that preschoolers can relate to. The first in a series of three “moving” books, Doreen widens her audience with a simply delightful story.

Duck for PresidentWhen Duck grows tired of doing his own chores, he stages an election to oust Farmer Brown. Realizing that being a farmer is too much work, he moves on to higher offices. Watch the hilarity ensue as Duck ultimately decides to run for president. A fun book to spark debates during an election year!

About Doreen

Why I picked Ms. Cronin...

Doreen Cronin was raised in Merrick, New York. She wanted to be a police officer like her funny dad…until she found out it was dangerous. So, she became something less dangerous…a lawyer. She wrote her 1st book before law school, but it wasn’t published for FIVE YEARS. She finally gave up her law practice to be a full time author. Now she has 2 daughters, a husband, a dog, and a slew of books to fill her Brooklyn home.

I chose Doreen Cronin because I fell in love with her books from the start. When Click, Clack, Moo came out in 2000, my daughter was under 2 years old and I was THRILLED to have a fun, witty book to read aloud to her. We were – and are- some of her biggest fans! Now, as a Teacher Librarian, I use Cronin’s books as much as I can. The kids all love her sense of humor and have fallen in love with many of her quirky characters, especially Duck!

My favorite Book!

M.O.M.(Mom Operating Manual)If you have a M.O.M., you will want this operating manual! All you need to know for the daily care and maintenance of your model. Plenty of Do’s and Don’ts to ensure you will not have any minor malfunctions, like heavy sighs and groans. Be sure to avoid a major malfunction, where your instructions are similar to someone encountering a wild grizzly. Keep your mom safe and happy and she will perform like a…well…a MOM.

Rescue BunniesCronin has come up with yet another lovable set of animal friends. These darling bunnies attempt to rescue a giraffe stuck in mud. When attempts fail and hyenas get in close, a Code Red is called. The littlest bunny, Newbie, realizes that Code Red means drop the rescue and RUN. She steps in all alone to save the day. Filled with quippy move one-liners, adults and kids will enjoy this daring rescue.


The Trouble with Chickens: A JJ Tully MysteryJ.J. Tully wants nothing more than a little rest after his career as a search and rescue dog, but a persistent mom wants his help finding her chicks. His need for cheeseburgers overrides his desire to rest, and he takes the case. See what trouble these “popcorn on legs” creatures cause him in Doreen Cronin’s first chapter book.

Click, Clack, Boo!Farmer Brown may love the corn maze, but he does not love Halloween. Witches, pirates and jack-o-lanterns are more than he can take. But that doesn’t stop the farm animals from throwing a huge costume party. I’ll bet you can’t guess who has the best costume?? Quack.

Annotated Bibliography

Thump Quack MooAs the annual corn maze approaches, Farmer Brown has BIG plans for his own corn maze creation. As he and the other animals work tirelessly, Duck hatches a plan of his own! Wait until you see what he pulls off. Another fun adventure with Cronin’s irresistible farm friends.

The Chicken SquadThey have been around since JJ Tully took his first case, but now they have struck out on their own. Meet the “shortest, yellowest, fuzziest detectives in town.” They are convinced they have the case of the century… a possible UFO problem. With JJ narrating and keeping a distant, yet watchful eye, they are bound to find some trouble.

see the annotated bib for more books!

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Farmer Brown tries to run a tight ship, but when the cows get a hold of the old typewriter, demands begin. As if the cows’ demands aren’t enough, the hens and other animals make their lists and go on strike to keep solidarity with the cows. Only third party negotiations will help (although Duck isn’t exactly the neutral party you might imagine). Frivolous fun!

Meet the author

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