Doppler Effect

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Doppler Effect



Doppler Effect

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Redshifted and Blueshifted

When the circles bunch up, the frequency is higherWhen the circles get farther apart, frequency is lower

HOW IT WORKS:Astronomy:- doppler shift is used to calculate speed of distant bbjects-Hubble's law: use the doppler effect, and the redshift, to determine that an object's distance is proportional to its speed of recession-used to model the motion of objects in the Milky Way

WHAT IS IT:The Doppler Effect is the apparent change in frequency from when an object approaches to when it passesEx. the pitch of a train changes as it passes to an observerEx. the siren of a police car seems to change in pitchEx. the engine of a car makes a noise that appears to change in pitch

Practical Applications:Police Radar - measure frequency of returning wavesDoppler Echocardiogram - use sound waves to produce images of the heart

HOW IT WORKS:Meteorology:-Doppler Radar predicts weather conditions- the returned signal (shifted) of the radar helps determine future weather- signal sent out in circular pattern


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