Donner Party

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Donner Party

Donner Party

The party consisted of 90 emigrants who left from Illinois & headed towards the west. There main goal was to settle in California.

The group was headed by brothers, Jacob & George Donner.

The group travelled through the Sierra Nevada, Weber Canyon, & Wasatch Mountains.

The group didn't follow the usual trail but instead created a new route, The Donner Pass.

The Donner Party finally arrived at the Great Salt Lake after 58 days. Not many made it to California, only 12 out of the 45 actually got to their goal place.

After being trapped in the mountains the party had to resort to cannibalism, only 45 out of the 90 survived.

Lansford Hasting's motive was he wanted to become president of California so he assumed if he found a shorter pass to California then more settlers would come & he would be voted into presidency.

Lansford Hasting was the man who origanlly led the Donner Party off the main trail & off into the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The Donner Party travelled a total of 2,500 miles, covering 15-20 miles per day.

The Donner Party survived one of the worst winters ever recorded in the Sierra Nevada, with 20 storms & a snow depth of 25 feet.

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