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BiographyDonatello is one of the greatest renaissance artists of all time. He was born in 1386 in Florence, Italy. His family gave him the nickname we know today as Donatello. His father, Niccolo di Betto Bardi, was in the Florentines Wool Combers Guild. This made him the son of a craftsman which put him in a place to work with trading. Donatello got his education from the Martelli’s, a wealthy family of bankers who were close with the Medici family. It was here that he most likely received his artistic training. Throughout the years he created many works of art such as David, St. George, St.Mark, Mary Magdalen, and many others . He created a style all his own that made him famous. He continued creating magnificent and creative peices until he died in Florence at the age of 80 on December 13,1466.

Impact On Time PeriodDonatello had a reputation for creating stunning, life sized figures with emotion. This gave a new perspective on art in this time period. His techniques and type of sculptures were so new and innovative at the time. This is what made him a famous artist.


AccomplishmentsAs one of the best artists there has ever been, Donatello has accomplished a lot. Here are some of his accomplishments:-In 1417 he completed the Saint George for the Con. -In 1427, he completed a marble relief for the funerary monument of Cardinal Rainaldo Brancacci. -In the same period, he completed the relief of the Feast of Herod and the statues of Faith -In 1435, created the Annunciation for the Cavalcanti altar in Santa Croce. -In 1437-1443, he worked in the Old Sacristy of the san Lorenzo in Florence- In 1457 he created a statue of Mary Magdalen, a character from the bible.

LegacyDonatello has left a huge legacy on our world today. His art is very unique and has influenced so many artists today. His style of art was vibrant and unique. He created a technique called the shallow relief technique. This makes the art seem deep, but it is really on a very shallow plane. He has affected the art world in such a huge, positive way.

OpinionsIn our opinion, Donatello is a truly amazing artist. He did a lot of amazing things that are so special and unique. This especially amazes us because it was in a time where there weren't many resources like we have today. Things took hard work and creativity, and Donatello definitely showed that.

Fun Facts-Donatello's real name is Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi- His training started in a goldsmith's workshop- Donatello dedicated his life to serving the Medici family- First to craft a nude sculpture- Was in inapiration for another famous artist, Michelangelo.


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