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Donatello Glog


He was also good friends of Brunelleschi.He also assisted Lorenzo Ghiberti with the statues of prophets for the north door of the Florence Baptistery.

Donatello’s bronze David is the first fullstanding statue since the fall of Greeceand Rome.

Donatello was born in Florence in 1386.He was bipolar. He was an early Renaissance Italian sculptorfrom Florence.His real name was Donato di Niccolò diBetto Bardi

He is known for his work in bas-relief, a form of shallow relief sculpture

Cosimo de Medici commissioned this sculpture.

The bronze David is one of Donatello's most famous works.It is said to look like a girl.

Donatello's jeremiah was the inspiration for Michaelangelo's david.

Donatello's sculptures are meant to beseen while lying down

He made the zucchone or "pumpkin head" and chiseled the lip so thesculpture looks so real that it could be a real person so much that he said "Dammit speak to me!"

He died in Florence on December 13, 1466.



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