[2015] Joseph Bassett: Donald Trump

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[2015] Joseph Bassett: Donald Trump

Donald Trump"YOU'RE FIRED!"

Trump Tower

Taj Mahal Hotel-Casino


LegacyMost people think that Donald Trump is famous for his TV show, The Celebrity Apprentice (Trump coined the term, "You're Fired!" from the show, as he would fire one apprentice each week), or for the wig he wears…you’re not fooling anyone Mr. Trump. In reality though, Donald Trump is famous for his success in real estate. Once Trump started working for Trump Organization, he immediately started to expand the empire. Donald Trump developed the Grand Hyatt in 1975 (opened in 1980) which made him known as one of New York’s best developer’s. Trump is perhaps most famous for his development of Trump Tower. In 1979 Trump had the idea to build a 58-story building that included an 80-foot waterfall right across the street from Tiffany and Company in New York. It was a $200 million apartment complex that made Trump’s name known across America. Trump also involved himself in the casino business. He purchased a Hilton casino-hotel in 1986 and renamed the $320 million hotel Trump Castle. Trump also purchased the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City which became the largest hotel-casino when it opened in 1990. Donald Trump is famous for being an entrepreneur, he built an empire off the principles of dedication and hard work. For all his efforts, Trump is rewarded with $60 million a year and his net worth is $4 billion. Not bad for a guy with fake hair. Trump was able to help build up the new economy, by building new hotels.

Early LifeDonald John Trump was born in Queens, New York on June 14, 1946. He has 4 siblings and he attended Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in economics.

Start of CareerTrump worked for his father's company, Trump Organization, after he finished college. He was a very ambitious young man, and wanted to see the company succeed. He encouraged his father to be more active in the equity of Trump apartment complex's.

Donald Trump


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