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Donald Sutherland

Why is he influential?Donald Sutherland is influential due to his ability to portray such a wide variety of characters to an absolute tee. His work goes from action thrillers to subtle character roles in domestic dramas. Sutherland is also influential due to his ability to commit to a directors vision.

BiographyDonald Sutherland is an actor, born in St John, New Brunswick. He was born on July 17th, 1934 to Frederick Sutherland, a salesman and Dorothy, a mathematics teacher. His interest in the entertainment industry began when he was 14. He received his first job as a radio announcer. Donald studied at the University of Toronto and received a degree in engineering and dram, and then when on to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. - ... - ...

Donald Sutherland

Most Famous Thriller


July 17th, 1934

His connection to our courseOur course, sports and entertainment marketing is related to Donald Sutherland in all sorts of aspects. Donald Sutherland is a part of this through the advertising he does on movies, the endorsement deals he takes, and the products and events he sponsors. \


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