Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC*Christopher Columbus explored and claimed the territory in 1492.*Obtained independence from Spain in 1844 and again in 1865.*Ruled by one of the longest running dicatator in history, Rafael Trujillo, from 1930-1961.

POPULAR IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC*Baseball*Dancing*Cockfighting*Music*Vacation Resorts*Black Bean DessertAND MUCH MORE!

A Country Worth Visiting....

PHOTOS from my TRIPto the Dominican Republic!

Rafael Trujillo

Diego Columbus

Juan Luis Guerra

Juan Marichal

Mirabal Sisters

Julia Alvarez

Oscar De La Renta

CLICK on the following PICTURES for more information: Domincian Republic, Dominican Republic Flag, Rafael Trujillo, Diego Columbus, Oscar De La Renta, Juan Luis Guerra, Juan Marichal, Julia Alvarez, and Mirabal Sisters.


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