Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic

Capital: Santo Domingo

La población: 10.4 millionesLa moneda corriente: peso DominicanoLa ubicación: en al Océano Atlántico, y a lado de Haití.La bandera del país:

República Dominicana

Punta cana es un destino turístico muy popular.Punta Cana is a very well-known part of Dominican Republic. It's known for its clear blue ocean and white sandy beaches. Punta Cana and the other Bravaro area along the coast combine to what is known as the "Coconut Coast". Punta Cana is also one of the best golf destinations in the world.

Unos playas en el Rebública Dominicana

Exportaciones de laRepública DominicanaDominican Republic has many principal products, including cacao beans, precious stones for jewelry, manufacturing parts, and sugar.

Razones para visitar República Dominicana:Dominican Republic has many beautiful beaches and resorts that people can stay at. Depending on what type of beaches you like (busy crowded ones, or secluded and relaxing) there's one for you here! There are also some very lovely and historic city to visit for a day on the town.


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