Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Flag

LanguageLike most of Latin America Dominican Republic speaks spanish. Dominican Republic's local dialect is called Dominican Spanish.

Map Of Dominican Republic

PopulationDominican Republic has 10.28 million people on the Island.

ClimateIn Dominican Republic the weather is tropical all year round. Dominican Republic is almost always warm and a lot of times wet too.

CapitalThe capital of Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo is the largest city in Dominican Republic, it has a population of 2.907 million people.

ReligionDominican Republic is almost all roman catholics. Roman Catholics make up 90% of Dominican Republic's religion.

Physical FeaturesSince Dominican Republic is a island it has a lot of water. One of the obvious ones is the Atlantic Ocean, but there is others. The others are Lake Enriquilla, Yaque del norte River, an the Carribbean Sea.

Robinson Cano one of many baseball players from the Dominican Republic.

Major CitiesSome of the major cities are Santiago, Santo Domingo,and La Romana. The largest city is Santo Domingo the capiltal.

Life ExpectancyThe average life expectancy in the Dominican Republic is 73.44 years.

A beach in the capital city Santo Domingo

EducationThe education is free in the Dominican Republic, only for elementry school though. Schoolis not mandatory at second level. There are four different levels of school.

Economic ActivityDominican Republic has the second largest ecomomy in the world. Most economic activity comes from sugarmilling and growing sugarcane or rice.

La Romana, Dominican Republic

Rio Yaque del norte


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