Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is a country under the state of Florida. It has sandy beaches, crystal clear water,and interesting people with cool religion. It is considered to be a Carribean country.

In Dominican Republic, each year they have a LOS BUFONES. They dress up in fancy costumes and dance around.

Dominican Republic

This is the kind of things that the people at Dominican Republic eat. They eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Probably because they grow the vegetables and fruits themselves.

The flag below is the flag for Dominican Republic. The colors are red, white, and blue.

The capital for Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. People in Dominican Republic speak dominicana-o or espanol. They are very fluent with their language. Some people sound like they are Jamaican because of their sounding of words. Dominican Republic is very unique and an amazing place to go and visit.

Map of Dominican Republic



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