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Dominican Republic

Fast Facts 1. Population: 10,652,0002. Religion: Catholicism, Christianity, Muslim3. Language: Spanish 4. Life Expectancy: 735. Infant Mortality Rate: 24/10006. Literacy Rate: 90%

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Santo Domingo:

Interesting facts: -All drinks are served with ice-Legal marriagable age for girls is 15 and for boys is 16

"Must See" places:-Santo Domingo: an old city with rich history and culture-Jarabacoa: the highest point in the Caribbean with pine forests, rivers, and waterfalls-Playa Dorada: one of the most popular beaches on the Caribbean

Pressing Problems:-30% of the population is unemlpoyed-Water quality is poor-Many rural area people are moving to the city causing more crime

Current news article: Spanish police announced that two people were arrested in Madrid, after nearly 70 pounds of cocaine from the Dominican Republic, was found hidden within imported boxes of papayas. May 20,2015

Climate:Tropical tempuratures all year round. There are two rainy seasons: May-August and November-December

Map of The Dominican Republic

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