Dominic electrical energy

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Dominic electrical energy

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Electrical energy's primary sources are coal, nuclear, and solar energy. It has electrical power or charge. It is a secondary energy source.

Electrical energy is a great importance in our lives. A generator is a form of electrical energy. It is the most widley used energy .

I chose this energy because I like electric things. I think there are more than a billion things that need electrical energy. I think they will invent lights that you clap to turn on a light. I think electrical energy is cool.

Electrical energy is a possible invention of the turbine. A generator forms a magnetic field into electrical energy. A generator is a referred energy souce.

Resistors can change electrical energy to another kind of energy. A light bulb resistor can change from electrical energy to light energy.

Scott Foresman Science 2006

Electrical Energy By: Dominic Donohue



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