[2015] Ella Cedar: Dolphins

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[2015] Ella Cedar: Dolphins


All dolphins have stream-linetorpedo shaped bodies. Dolphins have smooth silky skin, they also have rubbery skin. Dolphins are most of the time gray or a light blue. Although they are most of the time gray or blue, they can also be tan or black. They also grow spots when they become adults. Dolphins have cone shaped teeth, but they also have spade shaped teeth. They can weigh 220 lbs.-660 lbs. The height can be 6.5 ft.-13 ft.Dolphins really are the most beautiful creatures in the ocean.

The common dolphin is generally found around the Mediterranean Sea.They are also commonly found seen in deep offshore waters waters and to a lesser extent over continental shelves that are preferred to shallow waters. Infact there are 36 different kinds of ocean dolphins. There is also 5 species of river dolphins. Dolphins inhabit in the shallower water. Almost all dolphins are pleased with their habitat in the ocean or the sea.

Dolphins are carnivores. Carnivores are animals that feed on flesh. Dolphins consume a variety of prey including fish, squid, crabs, and crustaceans. Dolphins favorite food are fish. Fortunately for dolphins, they are at the top of their food chain, and they have very few predators. Sometimes a very large shark, such as a great white shark, will kill and eat a dolphin.

Dolphins are very friendly towards people and there other surroundings. Dolphins are considered to be one of the most social animals in the world. They swim by moving their flukes up and down. Dolphins use their flippers to make sharp turns and sudden stops. Swimming speed is about 12-25 miles per hour. Dolphins can stay up to 15 minutes underwater without using their blowhole. Dolphins use a technique called echolocation to find food and navigate. Gestation time is 9-17 months depending on the species.Mating season is throughout the year, the peak is in spring and fall. Dolphins can sometimes have some wierd behaviors.



Ways to help a dolphin* Gather all your friends and go to the nearest beach and make sure no one is using fishing nets on dolphins.* Go to a dolphin rescue place and give donations or help vlounteer.* NEVER! throw nets in the ocean. If you do you need to stop.

Why dolphins are endangeredAs ocean temperatures change dolphin prey starts to decrease. When prey decrease dolphins don’t have much food. Dolphins also get tangled in fishing nets. Which causes dolphins to suffocate and die. Some dolphins are endangered due to historical and current day factors. Consequently, these day factors caused many dolphins to lose their lives. About 20,000 dolphins are killed each year in Taiji, Japan. With that there is only going to be about 100- 150 dolphins by the year of 2018. As the population declines, now is the time to help.

*There are 43 different species of dolphins that have been recognized. 38 of them are marine dolphins which are those that we are the most aware of and 5 of them are river dolphins. *Some dolphins leap up to 30 feet in the air.* Dolphins ear is smaller than the eye.* The scientific name for dolphin is Delphinus Delphis.

Additional Facts

This is a picture of the food web a dolphin is in.

This is a picture of a dolphins habitat.

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