[2014] Hester Mok: Dolphins

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[2014] Hester Mok: Dolphins


AppearanceDolphins are types of whales. Orca and killer whales are dolphins too. Dolphins are one type of whales that have teeth. The dolphins have ears, but you cant see them because the ears are inside of their body. There is a hold for the sound to reach the ear. The hole is underneath the eyes.

HabitatsUnsalta dolphins live in rivers. Most dolphins live in seas and oceans.

Interesting FactsDolphins have big brains. They only have good short-term memories. Dolphins belong to a group called “cetaceans.” They can only stay under water for up to 10 minutes.

FoodDolphins eat meat. One set of 60-100 teeth could last them a lifetime. Dolphins get their teeth when they are 5 years of age. Dolphins can catch fish or squid if they want to. Orcas could eat seals or turtles. Dolphins follow shrimp to find fish. Orcas sometimes eat dolphins. They have cone-shaped teeth.

Dolphins stay with their mother for 2 years.

Dolphins live in seas and oceans.

AppearanceDolphins have very good eyesight. They can't smell, but they can eat. They have taste buds on the base of their tongue. Their communication depends on the sound. Dolphins weigh about 100 pounds to 10 tons. Their range is about 4 to 32 feet.

BibliographyIf I were a dolphin- by Clare Hibbert Dolphins- by Tammy Everts World Book- Dolphins onlineNational geographic kidsMad Mikes AmericaBoingBoing

BabiesBaby dolphins are called calves. Babies come out tail first. Babies stay with their mother for 2 years. Dolphins travel in small groups called "pods."There are a dozen of dolphins in one "pod."

pink dolphins are extremely rare

two dolphins holding hands


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