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Fun Fact:Did U Know That A WolfIs A Part Of The dog Family

Height: 6.3 – 34 in

How Long Thet Live:13 Years

Gestation period: 63 days

Is A Dog Good For You?Dogs Are Very HappyAnd Loving But Can U Handle One?WellI Will Tell U Facts Abouts Dogs.1:They Are Very Playful And They Want Alot Of Hugs Kisses And Family Time +Walks.2:If U Want Puppies Those Are Harder To Take Care Of U Going To Teach Them How To Go Potty On There Own And Big Grown Up Dog Stuff.3:Also Dogs And Puppies Need Food ,Water, PlayTime,Walks,And Exploring The World Some Dogs Like OutdoorsAnd Some Dog Get Use To Other Pets Like Birds,Cats,Fish,Mouse And Other Pets.U Can Look Up Other Facts Online I Hope This Helps U Thinkign About Getting A Dog


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