Dog-Of-The-Sea- Waves

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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Dog-Of-The-Sea- Waves

Dog-of-the-Sea-Waves(click for audio text)

Sing along and learn the Hawaiian Alphabet!Then write a paragraph comparing it to our English one.

View the Hawaiian Islands with Perillo Tours. Then, plan a trip to one of them First estimate how much you think it would cost for airfare, lodging, food and activities. Then research and make a chart with exact prices and total.

Look! Hawaiian monk seals and a sea turtle on the beach! Pretend you are a biologist. Take notes on what you observe about the entire situation.

Click me to visit Hawaii's history timeline and more!!

Click the paper clip for some writing and thinking journeys!Print out and complete!

Check out how the Hawaiian Islands formed!

Surf's Up! Learn the origins of this water sport!

Click for more information on the different volcano types!Then draw and label one!

Listen to Hawaiian music. Then research the instrument Ukulele.