Does Gender Affect Color Choices?

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Does Gender Affect Color Choices?

Step 6: Factors and Variables1. There are more females surveyed than males.2. Most people that were surveyed are elementary students. As these people grow older their color choices might chanage. The elementary students that we surveyed does not necessary represent the color choices that people around world choose.3. Sometimes color choices depend on mood. Sadness brings forth a love for darker colors, while happiness brings forth a love for brighter colors.

Step 7: Conclusions1. More females like bright colors than dark colors.2. There is an even split between male&bright colors and male&dark colors.3. Overall bright colors are more well liked.

Does Gender Affect Color Choices?

The color yellow can cause hunger.

Hello! My name is Helen and this is my Probability in Everyday Project. I surveyed 100 people. Most of the people surveyed were elementary school students. I hope you enjoy my presentation.

Step 4: Determining IndependenceGender and Color are NOT independent.Test of Independence: P(A) * P(B) = P(A and B).Female & Bright Colors: .52 * .55 (.286) ≠ .31Female & Dark Colors: .52 * .45 (..234) ≠ .21Male & Bright Colors: .48 * .55 (..264) ≠ .24Male & Dark Colors: .48 * .45 (.216) ≠ .24



Step 3: Does Gender Affect Color Choices

Step 5: Determining Conditional ProbabilityP(Bright Colors l Female) = 31/52 ≈ ..596P(Dark Colors l Female) = 21/52 ≈ .404P(Bright Colors l Male) = 24/48 = .5P(Dark Colors l Male) = 24/48 = .5

Some jails and prisons are pink because pink is a calming color.

Silver colored cars are the least likely to be involved in car accidents.

Did you know that men and women see colors differently? Women tend to distinguish colors better than men.

People are more productive in blue rooms.


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