Does Age Affect Memory?

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Does Age Affect Memory?

Does Age Affect Memory?






I believe that age will have an affect on a person's memory. I believe that it will take the older people longer to complete the matching game than it will the younger people because young people tend to have better memories.

The purpose of this experiment was to see if age has any affect on a person's memory. In other words, to see if younger people have a better memory than older people.

The results of the experiment were (shown in average seconds):Group 1 (ages 10-17): 25.85 Group 2 (ages 18-25): 28.18 Group 3 (ages 26-33): 27.95 Group 4 (ages 34-41): 28.57 Group 5 (ages 42-49): 38.45 Group 6 (ages 50+): 44.23

For this experiment I used a matching game app on the iPad and/or iPhone. I created six different age groups: 10-17, 18-25, 26-33, 34-41, 42-49, and 50+. I then chose three to four people from each age group to complete the matching game. I recorded the person's age and the time it took them to complete the matching game. I used those results to calculate an average time for each group to see which age group finished the quickest, therefore seeming to have the best memory.



Through this experiment I have learned that age does have an affect (though not a significant amount) on memory in most cases. The youngest group of participants finished quickest and the oldest group of participants finished slowest. Therefore I would consider my hypothesis to be correct because in the overall picture, the younger people did have better memories than the older people. However, there are some instances when age may not affect a person's memory. Group 3 (ages 26-33) actually finished faster than Group 2 (ages 18-25). This leads me to the conclusion that although age can affect a person's memory, it is not the only factor in loss of memory.


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