Does A Wad Of Paper Or Paper Airplane Travel Furthest When Being Thrown?

by aawalsh
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Does A Wad Of Paper Or Paper Airplane Travel Furthest When Being Thrown?

The paper airplane flew the furthest at 280 in. The average of the paper wad was 129 inches and the paper airplanes average was 164 inches. So the conclusion is that the paper airplane flew the furthest.

Step by step!

- 1 paper airplane-1 paper wad-1 person to throw paper wad-1 person to throw paper airplane

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Does a wad of paper or paper airplane travel furthest when thrown?

Aerodynamics the study of the properties of moving air, and especially of the interaction between the air and solid bodies moving through it.


Velocity the speed of something in a given direction.


1. Make a paper airplane2. Wad a piece of paper up3. Hold the paper airplane and throw it 15 times.4. Measure the distance air plane flew, document findings.5. Repeat the procedure for the Wad of paper, Record findings.6. analyze data and compare to hypothesis7. Document conclusion

Dependent Variables  -the velocity of the object (how hard it's thrown)-which direction you throw it  Independent Variables  - the wind-distance -the aerodynamics of the object.

The wad of paper will travel the furthest. My hypothesis was wrong because the data shows that the paper airplane had flown the furthest.



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