Do You Know Who Nat Turner Is?

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Do You Know Who Nat Turner Is?

1831 Aug. 21- Turner kills his slave master and the slave master's family1831 Aug. 21- Gather 75 slaves and killed 51 whites1831 Oct. 30 - Turner was captured at farm after hiding for several weeks1831 Nov 1 - Tried and sentenced to death1831 Nov 11 - Hanged and skinned to death

Lasting Impact

The Nat Turner revolt has resulted to be one of the most well-known slave revolts to date.


Do you know who Nat Turner is?


Brief history

The picture was illustrated by an artist who refused to sugar coat the Nat Turner rebellion.

The video is slightlylengthy, but all in allit is a brief historicaltimeline on thestruggle of slavery.To skip to theportion including Nat Turner, go to minute 12:05


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