Do video games help you learn?

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Do video games help you learn?

Do Video Games Really Help You Learn?

Call Of Duty

Madden NFL


Type-Creativity/StrategyEveryone probably knows or has played MineCraft. There are two modes, creative and survival. In creative mode, you are free to build and do whatever you want. Let your creativity flow! In survival mode, you have to live off the world around you. You need to find food, craft tools, build a shelter, and make a plan to survive the monsters of the night.

Super Mario

Type-CoordinationWhatever Call of Duty you play, the goal is always the same: survive, take out the bad guys, and save the world. If you ever plan on playing Call of Duty, you'll need coordination, so that you aren't shooting a wall!

Type-StrategyIn Super Mario, the goal is to save the damsel in distress, Princess Peach. There are courses in which you have to run and jump across platforms and fight enemies. There are also boss battles. To beat the levels, you have to come up with a strategy to get across the course.

Type-StrategySimilar to real football, in Madden you can pick a real NFL team to play on and play against other real teams. You can also create a team and a player if you would like. Just like real football, Madden is a game of strategy. Create plays, score, and win.

This Glogster will be showing you some popular video games that can help make you smarter.

Although most video games can help make you smarter, they can have negative effects. Video game addiction can cause distraction, relationships suffer, and aggression is increased.


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