[2015] Hudson Fable: Do Hard Things Presentation

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[2015] Hudson Fable: Do Hard Things Presentation

"This is the reason we never lose heart. These troubles which are temporary are winning for us a permanent, a glorious and solid reward out of proportion to our pain. So we don't look at the temporary situation. We look beyond to see the eternal benefits." (2 Corinthians 4:16-17 Phillips)

Do Hard Things Presentation

Scott Hogsett was always into sports.When he was 19, a man pushed him of a balconey and he broke his neck. He was going to be on the baseball team. He became a quadriplegic, which means he has limitations in all four limbs. After learning how to live with his disability, he moved to Arizona from Washington in 1994 to seek a new life.

Joe was tight end for Winona University and grew up in Wisconsin. He broke his neck in a boating accident. He graduated from Northwestern. Joe is married to April and has two boys Braxton and Brayden. He is pursuing his masters at GCU. He is an accomplished wheelchair rugby player and is the current captain of Team USA. He has won 2 championships with Minnesota and a world championship gold medal and plays on the Phoenix Heat.

Joe Delagrave

Scott Hogsett

In 1995, he started the playing the sport of wheelchair rugby, He began with the Phoenix Dustdevils his mentor moved to California so Scott formed a new wheelchair rugby team called the Phoenix Heat and became the coach. They practice at the Virginia G. Piper Sports and Fitness center in Phoenix and has done amazing in the Paralympics. Team USA placed silver, gold,and another gold. As a player he's won bronze, gold, and another bronze. He's recently retired from playing. He countinous coaching the phoenix which is now the #1 team in the country

Scott got his Bachlor's degree in Therapeutic Recreation. He is married to Michelle and has a 4 year old son named Jacoby. In his spare time, he mentors people in hospitals and goes to Idaho during summertime. When he's asked about the guy who pushed him off the balconey he said, " I hope it didn't ruin his life because it surley didn't ruin mine"

These men teach other disabled people that lifs not over. You can play a sport, follow your passion, have kids, have a wife, etc. That's a huge insparation. They do amazing things, so when I'm going through tough times I think how much they've been through and usually my problem is nothing. I also do charity work with them with Boys Team Charity which is an exciting thing to do to give back.




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