DNA Replication

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DNA Replication

Unzipping occurs the hydrogen bonds betwwen base pairs are broken and the two strands unwind, serving as a template for the attachment of comlementary bases.


DNA Replication

In prokaryotes, DNA replication begins at a single point in a chromosome and often spreads out in two directions until the entire chromosome is replicated. In eukaryotes the same replication process happens, but in multiple places at once. The site of seperation and

replication are called replication forks. Replication happens before cell divisions and provides the resulting cells will have a complete set of DNA molecules. During replication, the DNA molecule separates in two strands with the help of multiple enzymes that "unzip"


Google.comYoutube.com"Prentice Hall Biology Book" by Miller and Levine

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the DNA molecule, and then DNA polymerase two new complementary strands while following base pairing rule. The rule is Adenine to Thymine and Guanine to Cytosine. DNA polymerase "proofreads" the new DNA strands to maximize the odds of each molecule being a perfect copy to the original DNA.



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