DNA Mutations

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DNA Mutations

DNA Mutations

Ocassionally, genes can be altered due to unexpected and random changes called mutations. These types of changes are necessary becuase they increase the genetic variation of individuals in a community. However, mutatios can sometimes be hamrful to indiviudals, such as in the case of cancer and genetic conditions.

Gene mutations:The alteration affects the chemical structure of the DNA within genes

Numerical mutations: The alteration affects the number of Chromosomes

Chromosome mutations:The alteration affects the structure of the chromosomes

People with three number on 18 chromosome

Edwards syndrome

Down Syndrome

Patau Syndrome

People with three number 13 chromosome

All references came from the Biology Book!

Chemical cuase of mutation

Mutations with three 21 chromosomes

Many subtances, such as dyes used in industry, pesticides or certain pollutants can cause changes in genes. Tobacco smoke has mutagenic components. The risk of mutation increase if cells are regulary exposed to these mutagens.


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