Djehuty, God of Wisdom

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Djehuty, God of Wisdom

DjehutyGod of Wisdom

Walk through some of the temple remains

Statue of Thoth in baboon form.

More commonly known as Thoth, which is his Greek name, Djehuty is the god of wisdom, learning, writing, wit, fantasy, speaking, medicine and inventions. He appeared mainly as an ibis, a baboon or an ibis headed man. One of the ways he was worshipped was to mummify and bury ibises and baboons. His home temple was in a city that was later named Hermopolis by the Greeks, but he was worshiped all over Egypt. One of the most important stories Djehuty is involved with is the birth of Osiris, Horus the Elder, Seth, Isis and Nephthys. When Nut and Geb were created, Ra believed Nut to be his wife. However, he soon realised that nut loved Geb and so put a curse on her that meant she could never give birth on any day of the calendar (which was only 360 days long at the time). Devastated, Nut went to Djehuty for help and he devised a game where he gambled with the moon for some of it’s light. Through this, he managed to win 1/72 of moonlight for each day, giving him 5 extra days (1/72*360=5). These days were added to the calendar but weren’t effected by the curse, so Osiris, Horus the Elder, Seth, Isis and Nephthys were born on those five days, in respective order.

The remains of the temple of Thoth today, outside modern day El-Ashmunein.


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