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Dizzy Gillespie

Dizzy was born on October 21, 1917

Dizzy taught himself how to play all the instuments

Dizzy played the trombone, trumpet, and Piano

He died January 6, 1993

He was born in Cheraw, SC

Dizzy Gillespie

5 pecies of Music Dizzy composed or preformed 1.Groovin’ High 2.Dizzy Atmosphere 3.No More Blues 4.Dizzy’s Blues 5.One Bass Hit

Paragraph about the song "Salt Peanuts" By DizzyThe Song "Salt Peanuts" by Dizzy Gillespie,is the jazz style Bebop. The main theme of the music is blues. The instruments that were played in the song are Trumpets, drums, piano, saxophone. The length of the music is 3 minutes and 50 seconds. Some interesting fact going on at this period is he was beginning to diverge from Eldridge's playing style both formally. The names of the musicians that recorded the music are Milt Hinton, Charlie parker, Thelonious Monk, Kenny Clarke. The instruments that they played where Bass Horn, alto saxophone, Piano, and bass drum.

Fact's About Dizzy-He was the youngest of nine children-His father was a bricklayer and a local weekend bandleader -His father died when he was ten years old -Two years later taught himself how to play the trombone and the trumpet -He then attend Laurinburg Institute in North Carolina in 1932 because the school needed a trumpet player for its band.-There he continued to practice the trombone and and the piano still without any guidence -In 1935 he lifted the school to move with his family to philadelphia -The he joined a band lead by Frankie Fairfax, which also included Charlie Shavers.-In 1937 he left philadelphia to go to New York to try to have better luck with jazz-He then earned a job at Teddy Hill’s big band as a trumpet soloist-The band toured france and great britain for two months -when he got back he then played in several other groups -In 1953 someone fell on his trumpet and bent the bell back and he played it and like the sound so he had all of his trumpets made with the trumpet bell bent upward at a 45 degree angle.-In 1956 he formed another band and toured Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Turkey, Greece, and Yugoslavia -and a few months later another sponsored tour in south america took place-Then was together for two more years-he then went back to playing in small groups until the late 1980’s

"Salt Peanuts"


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