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Dizzy Gillespie

The jazz style of this song is Bebop. This song was created because after a Dizzy solo in the tune "Little John Special", that Dizzy developed into his tune "Salt Peanuts". The main theme is when they say “salt peanut salt peanut” and the instruments go along with it making a noise that sounds like that. This occurs 13 times. The song is 3 minutes 26 seconds and recorded with Lucky Millinder's band.

Dizzy Gillespie was born on October 21, 1917 in Cheraw, SC. Dizzy’s Dad died when he was 10 and he was the youngest of 9 kids. Dizzy taught himself how to play the Trumpet. Some of Dizzy’s compositions were "Manteca", "A Night in Tunisia" and "Guachi Guaro [Soul Sauce]", “Salt Peanuts”, and “Alone Together”. Some significant events that occurred during his lifetime were the First Commercial Radio Broadcast, Women were Granted the Right to Vote in U.S.,First Olympic Winter Games, Cheeseburger Created, Spanish Civil War Begins, World War II, and the completion of Mount Rushmore. Dizzy died on January 6, 1993 at the age of 75.

Dizzy Gillespie


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