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Dizzy Gillespie

1.real name- John Birks Gillespie 2.known for his swollen cheeks3.18 years old- moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania along with his family4.joined the Frankie Fairfax Orchestra5.relocated to New York City6.1939- joined Cab Calloway's band where he recorded ‘Pickin the Cabbage’ one of his first compositions

Dizzy Gillespie

7.1937-1944- performed with swing bands 8.began working with Ella Fitzgerald, Earl Hines, Jimmy Dorsey and Charlie Parker9.worked as a bandleader and worked on the saxophone10.developed his own style of music called “bebop”11.Gillespie said- “Our music is going to be classical music of the future.”

12. own band- performed from 1946-195013.became famous the for the unusual shape of his trumpet, the bell was on a 45-degree angle14.the odd shape improved the music’s quality15.best known works- "Oop Bob Sh' Bam," "Groovin' High," "Leap Frog," "Salt Peanuts" and "My Melancholy Baby."16.incorporated some Latin into his music17.late 1950s- he performed with Duke Ellington, Paul Gonsalves and Johnny Hodges on Ellington's Jazz Party

died- January 6, 1993 at 75 in New Jersey

Born- October 21, 1917 in Cheraw, South Carolina

18.1960- released A Portrait of Duke Ellington, an album in his honor 19.composed most of the songs in the album20.1990- received the Kennedy Center Honors Award

changed music history by being one of the best trumpet players ever and he created his own style of music

By Robert Atkinson


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