Dixie valley geothermal power station

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Dixie valley geothermal power station

Dixie Valley Geothermal Power Station

Geologic Events

The Geosphere 05:

Located near Fallon, Nevada

ConclusionGeothermal energy is always available in the Earth's crust because Earth always produces heat. It also produces less pollution. Even though geothermal energy produces less pollution, many sources of geothermal heat are hard to find because they are so deep underground. Overall, geothermal energy is a great energy source.

The heat comes from the upper crust zone. In the upper crust zone there is an aquifer. The fluid flows up into a complex reservoir, which turns it into energy.

Limited access to heatSome lands are protectedPower plants are expensive

An abundance amount of heat availableLess pollutionRenewable resource


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