Divisibility Information

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Divisibility Information

Simply put, divisibility means that a number goes into another number evenly.8 divided by 2 is 4

In general form, a and b represent numbers, not 0b|a read "b divides a" means that b goes into a evenly2|8 is true from the example above.So we then know that 4|8 and that leaves 1|8 and 8|8 as the remaining values of b that are true.1,2,4,8 are all of the factors of 8


For more practice:Find all values of b that make the statement true. 1 b|642 b|273 b|48

Divisibility helps out as we deal with larger numbers. Using rules of divisibility your child can quickly see if two numbers are divisibile evenly.1048 is evenly divisible by 4 because 48 divisible by 4.4810 is not evenly divisible by 4 because 10 is not.Knowing and applying this will not only help your child to solve problems quicker but become a better problem solver.

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Divisibility is a very important concept for students to understand. It is foundational as students progress further into math. These skills and concepts learned will be used in later math courses to solve more complex problems. If your child does not have the required skills, then he or she will truggle greatly.


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