Dividing With Decimals

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Dividing With Decimals

Dividing with Decimals

Glog by: Miss. Iteen

Step 3Coming close to fiding your answer, the quotient, make sure your columns are lined up. Once you have reached an answer with no remainder, move your DIVIDEND deciaml up the QUOTIENT and state your answer!

The lingo of division

Step 1As your division problem includes numbers with decimals, it's best to FIRST arrange the decimals into whole numbers. If the DIVISOR is 4.5, multiply this number by 10 and you should now have, 45. Assuming your DIVIDEND is a decimal too, do the same thing and multiply the demical by 10, moving the demical over ONCE (as you did before on the other side). If there is no number to place the decimal by after you've moved it, place a zero in that space to act as a placeholder.

Step 2Now that we have our proper division problem, let's being to solve!Complete this problem like any two or three digit, whole number, problem. Whatever numbers cannot divide, place a zero above that number and move on until you have a number that works.

Dividing decimals doesn't have to be scary.

Whatever you do to ONE side of the equation, you must also do to the OTHER side of the eqaution.

Always remember...


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