[2015] Logan Rocha (AB 67): Divided Nation

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[2015] Logan Rocha (AB 67): Divided Nation

Divided Nation

Compromise of 1850, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Dred's Scott Decision, Election of 1860, and The South Secedes

Senator Henry Clay helped settle conflict of missouri in 1819 through 1820. Henry wanted to give both free and slave states what they wanted. The Kansas-Nebraska Act was a plan to divide the Louisiana Purchase to Kansas and Nebraska to question slavery

President Polk wanted to extend the line to the west coast similar to the way it is dividing the mexican Cession. Some leaders like Senator Leweis Cass Michigian supported popular sovereignty which is power to the people.


The election of 1860 when both north and south couldn't decide on a canditate. North chose Stephen Douglas and the south chose the vice president John C.Breckinridge. New political are joining like the Constitutional Union Party regonized no political principles other than the constitution of the country.

Dred Scott's reached the U.S. Supreme Court in 1857. The court had three key issues. They had to decide if Scott was a citizen because only citizens can sue federal court. The court also if his time living on free soil made him free. Third the court had determine if prohibiting slave rights in parts of the Louisiana purchase.

Lincoln suggested that he would not change slavery in the south. However, Lincoln said that slavery could not expand and this would eventually die out completely witch this angered many southerners







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