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DIversity: understanding that each individual is unique and recognizing our individual differences, whether that be race, gender identity, religion, and economic status.

Teachers should value diversity and they need to model this attitude to their students. When people value diversity, they recognize and respect the fact that people are different and that these differences is generally a good thing.https://www.nde-ed.org/TeachingResources/ClassroomTips/Diversity.htm

it is important that students learn to value and use diversity to the greater good. Teachers already have a number of roles in the classroom; yet, valuing diversity is one of the most important ones a teacher must fill.https://www.nde-ed.org/TeachingResources/ClassroomTips/Diversity.htm


Diversity is important to teachers because....

Diversity in the classroom is important because...

Songs of Diversity

MindMup of Diversity

Where is the Love?By: The Black Eyed Peas This song relates and represents diversity because it refers to the fight against racism that took place in our country. The lyrics talk about how kids are getting involved in gangs and caught up in a lot of things they should be avoiding.

Black or White By: Michael JacksonThis song represents diversity because it's basically saying it doesn't matter if you're black or white we are all still human with similarities.

Same Love, By:Macklemore and Ryan LewisThis song relates and represents diversity because the lyrics try to explain that love is love, no matter what. It also states that their are some things people can’t change about themselves even if they wanted to.


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