Diversity Awareness

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Diversity Awareness

Learning strategy 1: Play GamesMulticultural Bingo is a game that tests students' knowledge and experience with diversity

A Diversity IssueThough we have come along way in acknowledging diversity as part of the American fabric, there is still work to be done. One issue prevalent in today's classrooms is what Peter Frederick cites as, "the dreaded diversity discussion," (Frederick, 1995).

Classroom ImplicationsBecause American classrooms are increasing representative of diverse populations,classroom discussions around diversity are important in helping students address and overcome any fears or prejudices they hold against different groups of people. Addressing these fears and prejudices is conducive to promoting a safe and cooperative learning environment.

Diversity Awareness

What is Diversity?

Action Steps The following strategies, provided by Peter Federick, are some ways teachers can promote meaningful discussion in the classroom.• Establish guidelines for safe discussions. • Get the emotional issues out early. • Use student stories. • Use powerful, evocative quotations and visuals. • Use the mirror technique.from:Chartock, R. K., (2010). Strategies and lessons for culturally responsive teaching: A primer for k-12 teachers. Boston, MA: Pearson

Learning strategy 2: Incorporate multimediaThis video is based on Steve Seskin and Allen Shamblin's book “Don’t Laugh at Me,” that promotes empathy through diversity awareness

Learning strategy 3: Engage in Interactive Read Alouds that highlight diverse charactersand perspectives.


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