Diverse Learner Issues

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Diverse Learner Issues

Teaching Approaches

“It is of vital importance that we as teachers, parents and education planners create environments in our schools and communities where all children feel welcome, are valued and shown respect – regardless of their ability, background or situation – in order to reduce and remove these barriers for the children concerned.” (UNESCO 2009)

There are many issues that affect diverse learners in the classroom. These issues need to be addressed, reduced, and removed in order for all students to learn to their fullest potential.

Issues that Affect Diverse Learners in the Classroom

Barrier when..Lack of support from school, teachers, or home No one is helping to create necessary environments




Barrier when…Lack of communication regarding student Lack of planning Lack of a common goal for student

Barrier when...Not learning friendly Not responsive to diverse students’ needs and abilities

Barrier when…Too rigid Does not respond to diverse abilities Does not respond to diverse needs

Behaviors that can affect diverse learners- Mood swingsBeing easily distracted Short attention spans



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