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veronica roth

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Glog by:khalil quinlan

veronica Roth


"'People who get this kind of result are...' She looks over her shoulder like she expects someone to appear behind her. '...are called...Divergent.' She says the last word so quietly that I almost don't hear it, and her tense, worried look returns."This is when tris realises that this label will follow her for the rest of her life. The only thing that she will have to learn is just how bad being a divergent is.

The book "Divergent" takes place in the future. During this time, the government relies on factions, groups of people with the same personality. This book revolves around a girl named Tristen. In the future, everyone takes a test that decides which faction you belong to. Usually, people only belong to one faction, but Tristen fit the personality of all of them. These people are called Divergent, a select few who are immune to their fears. She chose to become a member of the Dauntless, brave people who live their life to the fullest. When she joined, she quickly realized how hard she will have to work to keep up with the rest of the members.


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